When I contacted increase, Helicam Pro was doing well through word of mouth, but our website was way down the ranks in Google Search. Within a few weeks of Increase optimizing our website we were on the front page of Google results and in a couple of months we made it to 1st place in Canterbury for our services. Awesome result increase, cheers!

Jared Waddams

CEO, Helicam Pro

Increase’s Facebook campaign for us raised the number of people liking our page from 60+ to 2000+!! Once a fortnight they ran a promotion on Facebook and we’d get 34,000+ people checking it out online from within Canterbury and 2,400+ engaging (liking, posting, etc.). Rory and his team are easy to work with and know their stuff – you should probably give them a call if you want more customers!

John Mee

Co-owner Operator, Zaffron

After spending money and a lot of time on a website that we were ultimately very unhappy with, I got INCREASE to build us a new one. INCREASE really listened and understood our service and brand and they used that to build us a really effective site that looks great and works really well for us. They also fixed up our Google Business page and optimized our website for Google, which has increased the number of visitors to our website.

Bob Burnett

Co-Owner and Manager, BB Architecture