What we do

We’ve built and hosted over 100 succesful websites. We can take on projects from a simple company website to large software projects.
Get in touch and well see if we can help realise your next project.

Agile Software Solutions

Fast development delivering core productivity gains.
E-Commerce – we built the Tesco Nutricentre.
Apps/WebApps – we built the Worlds first predictive crop calculator.
APIs – connect to an existing API and get some serious power.
Websites – We’ve built and hosted over 100 succesful websites.

Whatever your web or software needs, we have the solution.
Email info@increase.co.nz or phone 021 334280.

Be awesome on the Internet

We can help your company succed online.
More than ever, we need to be connected. Let’s chat.

Our Clients

We’ve developed succesful websites and software solutions for small, medium and large companys. Call for a chat on 021 334280.